B. Chiu

Ani’s program is warm and nurturing for the young ones and she inspires older kids to love the music and push themselves as far as they want to go. My three kids started as preschoolers and they are learning how to tackle musical challenges and apply the same perseverance to other challenges in life. She takes time to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each student and guides them to be the best musician they can be.

S. White

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Maestro Gregorian last summer. It was such an honor and privilege to work with someone so accomplished, but also so talented of a teacher. As he taught us the musicality in our piece, he not only emphasized the importance of diligent rehearsals and guided us through musical decisions, but he was also careful to instruct us on how to make future artistic choices on pieces we have yet to play.”

S. White, violinist age 16

Pablo Rieppi

As a music professional  and educator, I am careful to find a high quality yet, nurturing music teacher for my own children. I have have found a lovely combination of both at Suzuki on the Island in Manhasset, NY. The school is run in an efficient, intelligent and caring manner. My kids went from having to attend piano lessons to wanting to study piano. They play more frequently on their own at home and I have seen significant improvement in their abilities. Suzuki on the Island is a fantastic place for children to learn about music. 


Pablo Rieppi
New York City Ballet Orchestra
Purchase College Conservatory of Music
The Juilliard School